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Zebra DS8178-HC, BT, 2D, SR, FIPS, kit (USB), white

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Zebra DS8178-HC, BT, 2D, SR, FIPS, kit (USB), white

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SKU: DS8178-HCBU210MS5W Kategorija: Oznake: , ,

Zebra DS8178-HC, BT, 2D, SR, FIPS, kit (USB), white

Zebra DS8178-HC, BT, 2D, SR, FIPS, kit (USB), white Bluetooth scanner,

healthcare, 2D, imager (standard range), FIPS, protection class: IP42,
incl.: cable (USB), charging/transmitter cradle, colour: white

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Unparalleled Performance on Virtually Every Barcode in Any Condition

Only the DS8100-HC Series combines the power of an 800 MHz microprocessor, a high-resolution megapixel sensor and

Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology. With this unique combination of hardware and advanced algorithms,

the DS8100-HC Series instantly captures the most problematic barcodes found in pharmacies, labs and at the point-of-care —

including dense, tiny, curved, poorly printed, shiny, crinkled, faded, distorted, dirty or damaged,

as well as electronic barcodes on dimly lit displays.

Dimensions Corded DS8108-HC and Cordless DS8178-HC:
6.6 in. H x 2.6 in. W x 4.2 in. D
16.8 cm. H x 6.6 cm. W x 10.7 cm. DStandard Cradle:
2.8 in. H x 3.3 in. W x 8.3 in. D
7.1 cm. H x 8.4 cm. W x 21.1 cm. DPresentation Cradle:
2.9 in. H x 3.7 in. W x 4.8 in. D
7.4 cm. H x 9.4 cm. W x 12.2 cm. D
Weight Corded DS8108-HC: 5.4 oz./154 g
Cordless DS8178-HC: 8.3 oz./235.3 g
Desk/Wall Cradle: 7.1 oz./202 g
Presentation Cradle:6.5 oz./182 g
Input Voltage Range DS8108-HC: 4.5 to 5.5VDC
DS8178-HC Cradles: 5V: 4.7 to 5.5VDC; 12V: 10.8 to 13.2VDC
Current2 Corded DS8108-HC Operating Current at Nominal Voltage (5.0V): 450 mA
Cradle: 470 mA (typical) Standard USB; 743mA (typical) 12V
Color Healthcare White
Supported Host Interfaces USB Certified, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, TGCS (IBM) 46XX over RS485
Keyboard Support Supports over 90 international keyboards
FIPS Security Certification Certified Compliant with FIPS 140-2
Apple MFi Certification MFi certified for use with iPhones and iPads (cordless DS8178-HC)
User Indicators Direct decode indicator, good decode LEDs, rear view LEDs, beeper (adjustable tone and volume), dedicated Power Charge Gauge
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Bežično, BT, USB

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