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Printer etiketa TSC TTP-247, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), TSPL-EZ, multi-IF

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TSC TTP-247, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), TSPL-EZ, multi-IF

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Printer etiketa TSC TTP-247, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), TSPL-EZ, multi-IF

Printer etiketa TSC TTP-247, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), TSPL-EZ, multi-IF

Desktop Printers TSC TTP-247 Series 99-125A013-0002

Printer etiketa label printer, thermal transfer, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi),
media width (max.): 112 mm, print width (max.): 108 mm,
roll diameter (max.): 127mm, speed (max.): 178 mm/s,
multi-interface (RS-232, USB, parallel),
SD-Slot, TSPL-EZ, RAM: 8 MB, Flash: 4 MB,

incl.: cable (USB), power supply unit, power cable, BarTender UltraLite


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TTP-2 serija

TSC is excited to introduce its first series of 2″ wide thermal transfer desktop printers.

The TTP-225 Series of desktop thermal transfer printers brings TSC quality,
innovation, performance, reliability and value to the small footprint 2″ wide printer market.
The TTP-225 Series delivers premium performance for most retail,
medical and office applications at an affordable price. The TTP-225 features a

user friendly clamshell design with a large 5″ OD center biased media capacity.

Designed with no losable parts, it is the perfect size when you need a

space-saving printer for 2″ wide labels or tags. Simply open the cover and

drop your labels into the printers spring loaded media guide.

Top of form sensing by gap, black mark, or notch is standard

and completely adjustable from side to side.

Choose either standard 203 dpi or higher resolution 300 dpi solutions.

The TTP-225 features 203 dpi resolution and print speeds up to 5 inches per second.

The 300 dpi TTP-323 is ideal for 2-D barcodes, fine text and small graphics labeling.

The TTP-225 is one of the first low-cost thermal transfer

compact 2″ desktop printers to offer an optional LCD display to its customers.

The LCD is used to present important information about print job status

and setup which brings a new level of ease of use to its customers.

Other outstanding features include an inexpensive

internal Ethernet adapter for easy integration into network systems, cutters,

label present sensor, and an optional keyboard for printing labels in

stand-alone or down-time situations.


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Težina 3,95 kg


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Termal transfer

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